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Refreshing Wipes

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Freshen up in a jiffy!
Feeling clean and fresh is a necessity for everyone. That is why it is nice to have the ability to wash hands, face and other body parts at any point of day. The Swash® Refreshing Wipes are soft, moist wipes especially developed for in-between hygiene care. The wipes are suited for every skin type and offer a mild cleaning at any moment.

  • Available in 32-pack: fragranced or fragrance free
  • Mild refreshing during the day: use before and after eating, or on a warm summer day, after an activity
  • CE


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Unique, formula contain ingredients that provide a mild cleaning. Using Swash® Refreshing Wipes helps reduce the spreading infectious diseases

Sensitive skin


The fragranced and fragrance free lotion is pH-skin neutral and enriched with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and glycerine, helping skin maintain its natural moisture content. No parabens or formaldehyde (releasers), that may lead to skin irritation, are added.

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Extensive dermatological testing is performed on all Swash® products.

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Swash® products are made of the best materials in a high-tech production facility with a clean-room. This helps us guarantee the highest possible level of quality.


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