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Bathing Gloves

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Ready-to-use bathing gloves for a comfortable body wash
The Swash® Gold Gloves are soft, moist bathing gloves of excellent quality and a unique ergonomic fit. These gloves contain a balanced amount of hypoallergenic lotion that is optimal for cleaning and caring for the skin. In no time at all, Swash® Gold Gloves offer pleasant and relaxing bathing and are an ideal solution when showering is no longer possible (or convenient).

  • The soft texture of Swash® Gold Gloves offers an extra pleasant sensation on the skin.
  • Easy to warm in the microwave for extra comfort
  • Available in 5 or 8 gloves per package: fragranced or fragrance free
  • CE


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The unique cleaning and moisturising lotion makes bathing comfortable, fast and effective. Water, soap, rinsing and drying are now a thing of the past!

Body washing


Minimal risk of cross-contamination and infections. Each body part uses a clean new glove.

Sensitive skin


The pH-skin neutral lotion is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and glycerine and helps the skin maintain its natural moisture content. No unnecessary ingredients are added, such as parabens or formaldehyde (releasers).

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Extensive dermatological testing is performed on all Swash® products.

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Swash® products are made of the best materials in a high-tech production facility with a clean-room. This helps us guarantee the highest possible level of quality.


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1. Face, neck and chest
2. Right arm and armpit
3. Left arm and armpit
4. Lower body front
5. Right leg and foot
6. Left leg and foot
7. Back
8. Lower body rear
Note: Do not reuse. Do not reheat. Do not overheat. Do not flush down the toilet. For external use only.

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