About Swash

About Swash®

Throughout our lifetime, we will spend approximately 6 months of our lives bathing or showering. For most people this is a pleasant and relaxing moment. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Due to reduced mobility, pain or fear, it is no longer possible for everyone to wash himself or herself effectively or independently. With over 20 years of experience providing comfortable and convenient bathing solutions to healthcare institutions, we understand best the daily struggles that personal care can entail: lathering, rinsing, drying and applying a moisturising lotion… It’s a lot of work and time for a change!

Introducing Swash®
Swash®  offers comfortable and complete personal hygiene. This is thanks to the use of moist bathing products. As a result, the use of water and soap is a thing of the past. Consisting of four complementary products, Swash® can be coordinated to meet individual’s daily hygiene needs; and no matter which Swash® products selected, every product has a guaranteed high and consistent quality and ensures the best possible bathing experience.

What is Swash®?
Swash® products are gloves or wipes made of a non-woven material, impregnated with a uniquely formulated, hypoallergenic, pH-skin neutral cleansing lotion with skin-caring and hydrating properties. You can wash every body part with a separate bathing glove or wipe. The lotion helps skin maintain its natural moisture content and improves skin’s condition, all while providing a thorough and gentle cleaning. Moreover, when applied, the lotion dries quickly, so rinsing and drying is no longer necessary. Developed for cleaning each part of the body separately, one eight-pack of Swash® is sufficient for a full body wash. Swash® products are for single use only!

For whom?
Swash® is suitable for everyone! Individuals who find these products especially helpful and comfortable include those with reduced mobility, undergoing rehabilitation, or are terminal. Swash® is also ideal for individuals with physical or psychological limitations to using water, or sufferers of pain symptoms, for example, contractures or COPD.

What are the advantages of washing with Swash®?

Less tiring
Bathing with Swash® is less tiring compared with showering, washing at the sink, or on the bed. This is because fewer steps and physical effort is required in the daily process of hygiene care
Optimal care for fragile skin
The Swash® products contain a hypoallergenic and pH-skin neutral cleansing lotion with skin-caring and hydrating properties. Suitable for all skin types.
More hygienic
Developed for washing the parts of the body separately, a new clean Swash® glove or wipe is used for each body part. This helps reduce the risk of infection from cross contamination.
Soft, non-woven cloth material makes Swash® gloves and wipes feel gentle and pleasant on the skin. For extra comfort, warm Swash® in the microwave before use.
More time for other things
Saves time! Easy 4-in-1 cleansing technology makes Swash® products ready for immediate use.