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About sustainable washing

Our sustainable mission?
Increasing the happiness of our stakeholders of today and tomorrow. With Swash®, we want to make the lives of current and future generations easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Arion does this by implementing new standards of assisted washing in the healthcare industry. We recognise the importance of socially, ecologically and economically responsible thinking and acting. By focussing on people, planet & profit, Arion contributes, step-by-step, to the well-being of our stakeholders.

Made Blue logo

Made blue – 10 + 1 litres of water
Eight thousand five hundred! That’s the number of schoolchildren in developing countries we provide with clean drinking water each day, together with our partner Made Blue. Made Blue reflects water conservation through using Swash®, making just as much drinking water available in countries where the need for drinking water is greatest. As a customer, you save at least 10 litres of water per bath by using Swash®. On top of this, you contribute to one extra litre of clean drinking water for every package of Swash® used: 10+1 litres of water!

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Nordic Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Swash® products* have the least possible effect on the environment, earning the right to bear the covenant Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This prestigious Scandinavian environmental label guarantees Swash® products meet the strict environmental requirements geared towards the ecological footprint and sustainable production throughout its entire lifespan: from raw materials to production, from transport to waste processing.

The cloth that serves as the base for the Swash products is partially produced from the environmentally friendly and sustainable fibre of the future: Lyocell. This sustainable wood-based fibre, when composted, is reduced to pure water and carbon dioxide that can be reused during photosynthesis by a new generation of trees. The revolutionary production process of Lyocell is very environmentally friendly. By recycling both energy and water, the stress on the environment is reduced to a minimum. 

FSC logo

Recognition for contributing to responsible forest management worldwide and ensuring the future of forests for generations to come. We at Arion find that important. That is why we package our Swash® products in a FSC-certified box; the quality mark for sustainable paper and cardboard.

LCA logo

What impact does Swash® have on the environment? An independent research institute has performed a lifecycle analysis (LCA) of Swash® as compared to a traditional bath. In this special calculation model, everything is analysed – from the extraction of raw materials to the development of the product – then to the use of the product and eventually waste processing. The results of the LCA show that using Swash® is 74% less harmful for the environment than a traditional bath with water and soap.

* Swash® Gold Gloves fragrance free, Swash Gold Wipes fragrance free, Swash® Refreshing Wipes fragrance free & Bathic® Wipes & Gloves fragrance free.
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