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Body wash

Swash® bathing products
With  Swash® Bathing wipes or gloves, every body part is washed with a separate bathing wipe or glove – without the need for rinsing or drying the skin – which reduces the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum. The gloves and wipes are impregnated with a water-based lotion containing cleaning and caring ingredients. Bathing should be a pleasant experience for both care recipients and caregivers.

Incontinence care

Swash® for perineal care
With the increase in aging of the population, incontinence became an even greater health concern. Skin irritation is a common problem with incontinent care recipients. Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), an inflammation of the skin – due to the repeated exposure to moisture – causes pain and discomfort for the care recipient.
The incontinence care products of  Swash® provide preventive protection against the development of IAD or control the condition at an early stage.
 Swash® Perineum Wipes and Gloves are 3-in-1 products with a skin protecting lotion containing 3% Dimethicone which clean, care and protect the perineal area.
 Swash® Perineum+ Wipes use an enriched formula with Trixotric® which offer an additional care step by helping the skin to restore.

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Hair care

Swash® Shampoo Cap and  Swash® Hair lotion
Hair wash can be a hassle even for healthy and self-sufficient individuals. Hair care is even more complicated for individuals with reduced mobility. Our Swash®  Shampoo Cap provides a quick, comfortable hair wash without taking a shower. By softly massaging the head through the shampoo cap, the hair is washed without the need to rinse.

Woman with a haircap
Older woman Foot Cap

Foot care

Swash® Foot Cap
Nowadays, with the existing workload pressure and shortage of caregivers, it is quite common that there is not enough time during a body wash to pay particular attention to the feet. Yet, a simple wiping or washing of the feet once or twice a week, may not be enough to truly soften the skin, especially for elderly individuals. Investing more time and attention in foot care means prevention of severe foot problems. Promoting health and particularly foot health, is important to support active ageing.

In-between care

Swash® Refreshing Wipes
During the day, the perception of freshness and cleanliness can have an influence on one’s mood and the feeling of comfort. That’s why it is so important to be able to wash your hands or your face at any point of day. The use of  Swash® Refreshing Wipes supports hand hygiene regimens and helps prevent or contain outbreaks in residences and nursing homes. The wipes are suitable for every skin type and offer a mild cleansing.

Cleasing wipes in hands

Frequently asked questions

You can send back Swash® products within 30 days after delivery. We will refund the amount paid for the product. Transportation costs (both ways) need to be paid by the customer.

The refund will be initiated as soon as the products are back to Arion’s facilities.
That depends on the insurer but most of the insurances don’t refund.
J. AndrewsNurse
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“For years I had problems with redness and irritation under the breasts and the groin. Since I’ve been washing with Swash® Perineum Gloves my skin hasn’t been red nor irritated. It’s very nice to no longer have to deal with pain and itchiness.”

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